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What is a Franking Machine?

A franking machine allows you to print postage onto your letters without requiring stamps.

Anatomy of a franking machine.

Franking machines of all sizes do basically the same job and all franking machines have to be licensed by the Royal Mail.

Franking machines use blue or red ink depending on whether they are using Royal Mail Mailmark and ink costs are much lower than you would expect making it very affordable.

Weighing scale with Royal Mail rates for pricing letters and parcels

Ink cartridge compartment

Letter feeding area

Security module that keeps your money safe

Colour touch screen and one button


Franking machines fit any business size whether large, small or start-up.

From small eBay businesses all the way up to large corporations, but they all basically do the same job just with different speeds and features i.e. some franking machines have automatic feeders and some have software connections to download account data .


Franking machines download their postage straight into the machine.

Franking machines can use either your telephone line, your network or broadband router connection or your Wi-Fi depending on the model.

There’s no more queuing at the post office with a franking machine, we set up a postage account for you usually by direct debit and then you download whatever postage you need for that month, downloading is free if you download once per month .

Benefits of a Franking machine

No need to queue  at the Post Office

Save time and money on postage

FREE advertising on every letter you send

You can monitor different departments

Built in Royal Mail postage scale with all Royal Mail rates

Never under or over pay for postage

Postage is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


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