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Work directly with a manufacturer of with over 90 years in the mailing industry.

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franking machine

Navigator Plus  franking machine

Account for every mail piece and export to your preferred accounting system.


Mailreport One  franking machine

Powerful accounting software for the PostBase range of franking machines.

franking machine, ratemail

Postal scales  franking machine

Accurately weigh and price every parcel and never under or overpay for your postage.

Letter Opener

Letter Opening  franking machine

Lightning quick letter opening for all your incoming mail, accurate and fast.

franking machine

FP Sentry  franking machine

Incredible savings on your DX postage with our DX and legal mail monitor, accurate pricing and data export.

Business Mail  franking machine

Incredible savings with Royal Mail Business Mail, enquire with FP to find out more.

MailMark  franking machine

Mailmark from Royal Mail and Mailmark extra exclusively from FP, save an extra penny off every letter you send over Mailmark.