A brief FP 90+ year history

Since 1923 we have been an industry innovator.


On 11 July 1923, the sales company Postfreistempler GmbH, by Anker, Bafra and the Furtwängler clock factory was founded.


Postfreistempler GmbH, Bielefeld, is renamed to Francotyp GmbH.


Founding of Freistempler GmbH, Frankfurt, which later became Postalia GmbH, by T&N.


The Anker-Werke, Bielefeld, acquire shares for Freistempler GmbH from Telefon und Normalzeit (T&N).


Takeover of Francotyp GmbH, Berlin and Postalia GmbH, Offenbach, by Bergmann AG, which belongs to the Siemens Group .


The introduction of the first electronic franking system, the EFS 3000.


Introduction of the first fully electronic franking machine with thermo-transfer print, the T1000.


Francotyp-Postalia moves to Birkenwerder and consolidates all production and administrative areas in one location.


Founding of FP Direkt (telemarketing).

The introduction of jetmail, the first franking machine to use ink jet technology.


Development and introduction of the new franking machine generation, MyMail, optimail and ultimail.


First authorisation of a FRANKIT®-capable franking machine generation – MyMail, optimail and ultimail – and in doing so, fulfilment of the highest security standards.


Sale of the Francotyp-Postalia group to Quadriga Capital and FP management by the Röchling Group.


Founding of Francotyp-Postalia Holding AG and initial public offering on 30 November 2006. Acquisition of subsidiaries freesort GmbH and iab internet-access GmbH by Francotyp-Postalia Holding AG.


Product introduction of the first franking machine, centormail, that can process true mixed mail.


FP subsidiary freesort GmbH wins the prize as a barrier-free and disability-friendly company 2008.


FP Group gains Web.de and gmx.de as partners for the on-line letter. Acquisition of the franking machine business from RICOH Sweden and formation of a Group-owned subsidiary in Sweden.


Acquisition of Mentana-Claimsoft AG by Franco-Postalia Holding AG.

At the end of 2011, the FP Group obtains authorisation for the French market and can start selling MyMail in France, the largest European market for franking machines.


Introduction of the new franking system, PostBase mini.

FP UK are the first subsidiary in the world to get the new PostBase mini, launched on the 3rd November 2014 the PostBase mini plays little brother to the PostBase franking machine range.


Introduction of the new franking system, PostBase One.

Introducing a multi carrier system high capacity franking system with vertical feed and dynamic weighing, letters are weighed as they are franked through the system.